Course Description: In this summer virtual camp, we will embark on a journey to explore Arduino, a physical computing platform that combines the digital world of coding with the physical world. Through fun and interactive activities, we will learn how to program Arduino boards, connect electronic components, and bring our ideas to life. Get ready to unleash your creativity, problem-solving skills, and embark on thrilling coding adventures!

  1. Week 0 - June 27th: Orientation and Getting Started: In this introductory week, we will familiarize ourselves with the camp environment, set up the necessary software, and get acquainted with Arduino and the PictoBlox programming interface. 4
  2. Week 1 - June 29: Hello Arduino!: Get ready to dive into the world of Arduino! We will learn the basics of coding with Arduino and explore how to control LEDs and create stunning light shows.
  3. Week 2 - July 6: Sensing the World: In this week, we will uncover the power of sensors! Discover how to connect and use sensors to detect and respond to the environment, such as light, temperature, and sound.
  4. Week 3 - July 13: Making Things Move: Let's make things come to life! In this week, we will use buttons and potentiometers to create a mouse toy that can be controlled by rotating a potentiometer. Get ready to create your own interactive and playful toy!
  5. Week 4 - July 20: Exploring Sensors: Get ready to explore the world of sensors! This week, we will use a thermistor to create a low-temperature alarm system. We will also use the ultrasonic module to build a flappy parrot game where the player controls the parrot's flight using hand gestures. It's time to dive into the world of sensor-based projects!
  6. Week 5 - July 27: Servo Fun and Project Discussions: This week, we will learn how to control servo motors! We will use servo motors to create an arrow pendulum that follows the rotation and swings back and forth. Additionally, we will have project discussions where you can select a project of your choice to work on in the final week. Let your creativity soar as you decide your project path!
  7. Week 6 - August 3: Motor Magic and Final Project: It's time to spin and whirl! In this final week, we will explore the world of motors. We will use a motor to create a spinning star sprite and a fan that provides a refreshing breeze. This week will be dedicated to working on your final project, where you will apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the camp. Get ready to showcase your masterpiece!